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It's done. She's mine now.
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A valuable piece of advice: Whenever you are going into a dangerous situation, always leave something behind you that will, if not get you out of it, at least tell anyone finding it later what has happened to you.
If I hadn't attended to this lesson my father told me, I would be bound beneath the earth still.
The damage is done, unfortunately. The devil and his monsters have spent the last...how long has it been? Four months, maybe? Burning off my mortality. Changing and twisting my humanity. But I am was a warlock of an ancient and noble house, and my spirit was not broken.
The semi-sentient spell I left behind was designed to seek me out, should I become trapped somewhere, and lend me the additional power needed to free myself. I did not expect it to be nearly as effective as it has proven. A boy, Blake Trianne, meddling with magic too big for him, absorbed it and, under its control, summoned a will-o-the-wisp. Before it devoured the creature's mind entirely, the spell compelled it to come to me, and I was able to persuade it to free me from my dark prison.
The devil whom they call 'Twilight King' is not as wise as he is given credit for. If he had simply thrown me to Tommy Rawhead, I would be no threat to him any longer. He is, however, far crueller. I'm a monster now. I look human enough, I suppose, save for the claws and the eyes, but I can feel the difference.
So. Too late for true salvation, Templeton. But vengeance is another matter entirely. This power and these claws will be put to good use before the end. I will save the Coven from the machinations of Aloysius Crumrin. And then in good time, I will return and face the Twilight King; will force him to kill me.
Unless, of course, I can kill him.
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